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Using Trove: A Beginner's Course

<p><strong>In Association with the Royal Australian Historical Society.</strong></p>

<p><strong>Speaker:</strong> Christine Yeats</p>

<p>Trove is the place to explore all things Australian. With just


In Association with the Royal Australian Historical Society.

Speaker: Christine Yeats

Trove is the place to explore all things Australian. With just a few of keystrokes, we can all enjoy the pleasures of time travel. This session will suit beginners and intermediate Trove users. A handbook will be provided to participants to help them become familiar with the Trove basics before the course.


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Christine Yeats is an archivist, historical researcher and active supporter of local historical societies. Her research interests include the history of the Romani (Gypsies) in nineteenth century Australia and attempts to introduce a silk industry into the Australian colonies. Christine has undertaken a range of consultancy projects including significance assessments, biographical and local history research. She is President of the Federation of Australian Historical Society, Senior Vice President of the RAHS and a member of the Professional Historians Association (NSW & ACT). Her recent publication is Handy Guide: Convict Records of NSW: The Human Stories of the Transportation System (2021).

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Royal Australian Historical Society

The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS), Australia's oldest historical organisation founded in Sydney in 1901, promotes the study of Australian history. The Society organises events,...

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