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Teaching at WEA Sydney

Teaching at WEA Sydney

Are you an experienced teacher with a love of teaching? Do you have a lot of knowledge to share with eager adult learners? Consider teaching at WEA Sydney! WEA Sydney covers a large range of courses including:

  • History (Ancient, Australian, European and World)
  • Humanities (Literature & Writing, Maths & Science, Philosophy & Religion and Politics & Society)
  • Languages (Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Specialist courses)
  • Leisure & Culture (Hobbies and Leisure, Gardening, Travel & Culture and Wellness)
  • Music (Music Appreciation, Practical Music and Singing)
  • Visual Arts (Art Appreciation, Drawing & Painting, Photography and Practical Art)

We welcome new tutors to our friendly teaching community where you can design your own courses in a community of professional educators who are passionate about delivering quality educational experiences to a student body who are inquisitive and appreciative. You can nominate your own teaching schedule and your own mode of delivery and you are supported by a small team of dedicated professionals. Apart from a small number of VET courses we do not offer diploma or certificate courses. We also do not offer HSC or school courses nor do we offer first year university courses or tutoring for school or universities students.

We cater for all adults, however, the majority of our students are in the 60+ age group and are interested in broadening their education out of interest and who have the time and the discretionary income to do so. We have classrooms in WEA House at 72 Bathurst Street in Sydney. Each classroom has a laptop, projector and screen for face-to-face teaching in rooms with lecture-style seating or with tables and chairs. Alternatively, you can teach remotely via Zoom or you can teach in a Hybrid style (physically in at WEA House with an in-class audience and remotely on Zoom).

No, you are free to design your own courses. We will request you to submit proposals for an upcoming term and each proposal is reviewed. We look for such factors as:

  • Is there another similar course being offered?
  • Has the course run recently?
  • Will the topic be popular with our students?
  • Is the level and mode of delivery appropriate to your skill level and the proposed student level?
  • Have you aligned content with outcomes?
We reserve the right to choose to include or omit proposals from our programs.

That is up to you however we have an upper limit of 10 weeks. Most courses run for two hours per week for eight to nine weeks. Some humanities course run for one hour or two hours only, or they may run for two hours across several weeks. You need to determine the appropriate length based on the content and the capacity of your students to absorb the teaching topics. The current rate of pay for all of our tutors is $60 per hour.

It is important that you have extensive adult teaching experience. It is preferable that you have a suitable qualification such as a PhD, Masters Degree or Bachelors Degree along with teaching experience in your proposed topic areas. You will also need to provide evidence of your right to work in Australia, acceptable evidence is as follows:

  • A Visa or evidence of permanent resident status
  • An Australian or New Zealand passport
  • An Australian birth certificate, or a certificate of Australian citizenship

If you would like to teach at WEA Sydney, please email our Education Department at education@weasydney.nsw.edu.au with: