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How to Enrol

Browse the selection we have on offer by going to our Courses or Events pages. Alternatively you can use the search bar to look for a course by the course title, keyword or the tutor's name. Once you are on the course list page, you can filter down further by selecting your preferred delivery mode and daytime, evening or weekend. If there are no available classes for the course in which you are interested you can join the waiting list (if applicable) and we will notify you when a class is made available.

Please note that students must be 18 years and older to enrol. There are no special qualifications or knowledge required for any course unless specified in the course description and there are no exams. If you are enrolling from outside of Australia, please email us first so we can manually create your student account before you enrol on the website.

Please ensure you enrol into your chosen course at least 7 days prior to its commencement.

Once you find the course into which you want to enrol, press the Enrol Now button. If you are only enrolling into one course press Proceed to Checkout to go the Your Details page. If you are enrolling into more than one course you can continue to search and add a course to your enrolment and then press Proceed to Checkout when you have finished selecting the last course.

If you have accidentally selected the wrong course, press on the cart icon and press on the X checkbox to remove it. You can also use the cart to proceed through to the checkout by pressing Enrol.

The Your Details page will ask you to provide your first name, last name and email to look up your student account in our enrolment system. If you have previously enrolled on the website, we ask that you use the same details as the last time you enrolled so our enrolment system does not create a new person for you - if you proceed past this point and you are asked to fill in the enrolment form again, stop proceeding and contact us for assistance. You can also tick the checkbox if you wish to update your current details with us before proceeding to the Checkout.

If you have not enrolled with us before, you will be asked to fill in other details to finish creating your account. Once this have been filled out, press OK to proceed to the Summary page. If you need to add another person to your enrolment, you can do this from the Summary page by pressing Add another student.

If a course has multiple classes, you can choose your preferred option by pressing the down arrow. You can also untick specific classes if you no longer want to enrol into a class, and you may do this for any additional persons added to your enrolment.

From the Summary page, you can add any discounts that are available by pressing Add Concession. Select the relevant discount type for which you are eligible from the drop-down menu, add the number on your card and then press Save Concession for it to apply. If you have added a Concession Discount previously, this should automatically be showing next to your student name.

WEA Sydney may occasionally provide a code which entitles you to receive a discount for eligible courses. These need to be added each time you enrol by typing in the case-sensitive code and then pressing the Add Code button for it to apply.

Once you have finalised your enrolment by adding any discounts, check that the Pay Now amount is correct and then press Proceed to Payment. If it is not correct, please contact us so we can verify this before you proceed to payment.

If you enrol into a course without claiming an eligible discount, you will not be able to request a reimbursement for your enrolment. View our Discounts & Vouchers page for a full list of available discounts you may be eligible for.

WEA Sydney accepts all major credit cards (Amex/MasterCard/Visa) as well as vouchers issued by WEA Sydney for partial or full payment of your enrolment. If you have a voucher code, type in the case-sensitive code on the Payment page and press Add Code for it to apply. If you would like to purchase a gift voucher, please click here.

You will then need to tick the "I have read and understood the terms and conditions" checkbox in order to insert your credit card details.

A Tax Invoice and an Enrolment Confirmation email (one for each enrolment, if multiple) will be sent to you. You will also receive a Course Commencement notice emailed to you at 7:00pm two days before the class starts with additional information. Some classes may require you to purchase a textbook or art materials or may not be held at WEA Sydney so please check your course for details. If there is a change to your class, WEA Sydney will notify you by phone/email so please ensure your contact details are up-to-date with us - you can do this by sending us an email.

If you have any further questions, visit our FAQ page.