How to Enrol

Browse the selection we have on offer by going to our Courses or Events pages. Anyone 18 years old and above can enrol into our courses, there are no special qualifications or knowledge required for any course unless specified in the course description and there are no exams.

Please ensure you enrol into your chosen course at least 7 days prior to it starting.

How do I pay?

WEA Sydney accepts all major credit cards (Amex/MasterCard/Visa), as well as cash. Cash enrolments can only be processed on the first floor reception. If you are enrolling by phone, please make sure you have your credit card & concession card details ready.

Gift vouchers issued by WEA Sydney can also be used for partial or full payment, add the voucher code on the Checkout page and press Add Code for it to apply. If you would like to purchase a gift voucher, please click here.

Are there discounts?

Course discounts where applicable are listed in our course catalogue and on the website. Discounted fees (including concession rates) are calculated from the full fee of the course or event you are enrolling into. If you are eligible for a concession fee, you cannot combine additional discounts on top of your concession rate.

You can add concessions and discounts when you enrol on the Checkout page. Concessions are able to be added in permanently whereas discount offers need to be added each time you enrol by pressing Add Code in the Checkout. If you add in a Concession rate on enrolment, the next time you enrol it will automatically apply the discounted rate for any future courses with concessions available.

If you enrol into a course via the website without claiming your concession or any other offered discounts (if applicable), you will not be able to claim a reimbursement or concession for the enrolled classes.

For the full list of available concessions and discounts on offer to students, please visit our Discounts page.

Applications for reduction of fees on the grounds of hardship will be considered. These need to be made in person to the Executive Director and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What happens after I have paid?

An enrolment confirmation, payment receipt and invoice will be sent to you via email when you enrol with a class reminder email sent to you at 7:00pm the night before the class starts with additional information. Some classes may require you to purchase a textbook or art materials or may not be held at WEA Sydney so please check your course for details. If there is a change to your class, WEA Sydney will notify you by phone/email so please ensure your contact details are up-to-date with us - you can do by sending us an email.

Am I able to obtain a refund?

Yes, provided that it meets our criteria for a refund. These details can be found in our Terms & Conditions, which also has information on your rights and responsibilities as a student of WEA Sydney.