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      • Chocolate and Tea Pairing

        Tea and Chocolate Pairing a match made in heaven. Through this workshop you’ll experience flavor, aromas and textures of teas (Black, Green, Oolongs and herbal) paired with delicious citrusy, fruity, floral nutty and earthy chocolates, a true sensory appreciation.

        This workshop will demonstrate how these two ancient and nutritious products complement, enhance and contrast each other, a delightful experience. The introductory course is ideal for beginners and all those who wish to explore and deepen their knowledge into these ancient natural products. NO REFUND UNLESS WEA CANCELS THE COURSE

        This course consists of the following theoretical and practical components of tea:

        Theoretical component: (power point presentation to supplement theoretical presentation)

        • What is Tea?
        • What is Chocolate?
        • Teas: Flavor profiles (green, black, oolongs and herbal)
        • Chocolate: Flavor profiles (dark, milk and white)
        • Serving temperatures
        • Tasting Steps
        • Approaches to perfect pairings
        • Health benefits of tea and chocolate

        Practical component:

        • A detailed analysis with sight, hearing, smell, touch and flavor for each tea variety to be paired with different Chocolate.
        • Distinguishing and describing the sensory appreciation of teas and chocolate.
        • Using 3 approaches when deciding upon tea and chocolate pairings: Complement / Enhance / Contract or Agitate.
        • A step-by-step chocolate and tea tasting based upon all the above information.

        By the end of this course, students should be able to:

        1. Know the Tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) varieties and flavor profiles (green, black, oolongs, herbal and pu-erh teas).
        2. Know the Chocolate plant (The Cacao Tree) varieties and flavor profiles (dark, white and milk chocolates).
        3. Understand flavor profiles of teas and herbal infusions.
        4. Understand flavor profiles of chocolates.
        5. Understand tea and chocolate pairing steps
        6. Understand tea and chocolate health benefits.
      • Photography Weekend Workshop: Introduction to Your Digital SLR Camera

        The Digital SLR camera is a very sophisticated piece of equipment. It’s a shame to use it as just a “point and shoot”. Gain control of its amazing creative settings to develop greater technical skill and produce more satisfying, artistic photographs. Includes a 2 hour practical excursion to create landscape/portrait photographs using depth of field, focusing and exposure techniques. Practise shutter speed methods to freeze, blur and pan with action. Excursion on the Sunday.

        Please bring your camera, camera manual (or handbook equivalent e.g. “Dummies” edition of your camera’s model), memory card, fully charged battery, notebook and pen. Printed notes will be distributed.


        • Camera Care. What is a camera? Camera obscura. Locate the most important controls. Mode Dial, F.Stops and Shutter Speeds for Manual Exposure. ISO. Reciprocity. F.Stop and Shutter Speed effects. Depth of Field. Depth of Field effects. Focus modes. Visual Display and discussion.
        • Focal length effects. White Balance. Picture Styles/Controls. Metering modes. The Histogram. Exposure. The Photographic Grey Card. Exposure Methods. 2hour practical assignment excursion on the 2nd day.

        By the end of this course, students should be able to:

        1. Make more informed decisions regarding the Settings on your camera.
        2. Operate the camera more confidently and creatively in any Mode.
        3. Derive greater control, satisfaction and pleasure in taking photographs.
      • The Glory Of Greece: The Archaeology Of Ancient Greece
        In association with the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney, Sydney.

        Course Location: Nicholson Museum, around the Quadrangle and Clock Tower, Main Campus, University of Sydney.

        Explore the history and development of ancient Greek art and material culture. Using sculpture and vases from the Nicholson Museum collection, and having the opportunity to handle Greek material from the museums education collection, this course will demonstrate how the cultural development of ancient philosophy, democracy and theatre is reflected in contemporary artefacts.

        Directions to the Nicholson Museum:
        The closest bus stops are on Parramatta Road at the corner of the University and Victoria Park, or at the Footbridge. (buses 412, 413, 435, 438, 440, 461, 480 & 483). The closest train stations are Central and Redfern (20 – 25 minutes' walk). Parking on campus is limited. Parking fees apply.


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