With over 300 courses, there’s something for everybody, from Music or Writing, to learning more about your favourite topic in History, Science or Literature. Whether it’s French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian or Swedish; WEA is the place to start learning a language.

Meet some of WEA’s best tutors at our One Night Only specials, trace political developments with our Politics at Lunchtime program, or learn about some special places at our Travel Tuesday evenings. Our Practical Art program has everything from basic drawing skills to Calligraphy and Oil Painting. Or take up Yoga or Tai Chi and investigate our healthy living courses.

Our range of IT and Gadget courses is terrific if you need to brush up on your skills, and you can improve your management and workplace communication skills, all in our Business programs.

You don’t have to wait until the start of term– we have a terrific range of April Holiday courses, plus special courses to celebrate Reconciliation Week and the Sydney Writers' and Film Festivals.

Bathurst St will also be changing during Autumn, with a large development continuing at 286 Sussex St, next door to WEA Sydney (corner of Bathurst and Sussex Sts). This site is part of the City of Sydney’s planned gateway to the redesigned Darling Harbour. While WEA may suffer some inconvenience during the development process, the end result will be a fresh, modern and revitalised Bathurst St.

Enjoy your Autumn at WEA!

Michael Newton | Executive Director

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      • Hail, Hail Rock and Roll: A Celebration of the Life and Music of Chuck Berry
        Tonight we will celebrate the music of Chuck Berry “the father of Rock and Roll” with a collection of performances, including excerpts from his 60th birthday concert, the TAMI show in 1964, the Peace concert in Canada in 1969, the lost and very rare BBC concerts of 1972 and more. We’ll also see, as an introduction, rare performances of other early rockers including Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Chuck’s first piano player Johnnie Johnson. Come along and enjoy a night of rockin memories! As John Lennon once said “another name for Rock and Roll would be Chuck Berry”.
      • Introducing your Digital Camera

        This class is for the beginner. Learn how to use your camera more effectively than just pressing the shutter button. Take control of the essential functions to effect changes in your photographs. Learn techniques for functional and creative application. Practical class exercises, visual displays and weekly practical homework assignments. Photographic excursion included. All digital cameras are suitable provided they have manual mode operation.


        • Camera Care. What is a camera? Camera obscura. Locate the most important controls, the Mode Dial, F.Stops and Shutter Speeds and their effects.
        • Reciprocity. Depth of Field effects. Movement effects. ISO.
        • Focus modes. Focal lengths.
        • Visual examples and discussion
        • White Balance. Picture Styles/Controls. Metering modes. The Histogram.
        • Excursion

        By the end of this course, students should be able to:

        1. Use the camera more confidently and creatively.
        2. Make more informed decisions about composition and exposure.
        3. Derive greater pleasure and satisfaction in taking photographs.
      • Italian Grammar Intensive: Post-Beginners and Intermediate (A1-A2)

        This course intends to revise the present tense and its uses, and to introduce, develop and extend the grammar skills related to the two main past tenses of the Italian language. We will work on their meaning, use and structure and on how they are used in everyday speech through different learning materials, which will provide a diversity of activities to assist students with different learning needs and linguistic capabilities consolidating their skills and fluency. Suitable for students who are working through Nuovo Espresso 1 (from Unit 7) and Nuovo Espresso 2.

        Tutor supplied material.


        • Talking about routines in the present and in the past tense
        • Narration of past events and anecdotes
        • Description of places and people in the present and in the past tense
        • Telling about a person’s life
        • Combining the past tenses according to what we want to express

        By the end of this course, students should be able to:

        1. Recognise and conjugate different tenses in Italian;
        2. Understand how, when and why they are used;
        3. Be able to talk about present and past habits and routines, past events, anecdotes using connectors and complex sentences;
        4. Improve their Italian fluency.
      • Italian Revision: Beginners and Post-Beginners (A1)

        This course is for beginners or people with a limited knowledge of the Italian language. Its aim is to provide new vocabulary and to revise the basic structures and the grammatical rules of the language, and to develop a functional level of communicative proficiency in Italian. It will also give you useful strategies to help you develop skills to use in reading, listening, writing and, above all, in daily conversation.

        Tutor supplied material.

        *CLASS PLAN *
        Aim to consolidate an elementary level comprehension and communication skills in conversational Italian.


        • Listening and oral skills
        • Pronunciation, reading, comprehension and translation of basic documents
        • Exercises will be designed for revision and consolidation of each segment

        By the end of this course, students should be able to:

        1. Speak clearly and be understood in basic Italian, in particular to talk about themselves and exchange basic information with others in business, travel and daily settings;
        2. Develop grammatical skills (verbs, sentence structure, conjugations) and a core vocabulary in order to have a basic conversation in Italian;
        3. Demonstrate the skills, language and attitudes required for further study of Italian.
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