What is WEA Sydney? | WEA Sydney

What is WEA Sydney?

Established in 1913, we are a voluntary, independent, not-for-profit adult education provider offering opportunities to join a community of keen learners. We offer a range of courses across the Humanities, Languages, Arts and Leisure and Wellness activities. We are based in the Sydney CBD with easy access to a variety of public transport options.

Download a copy of our Information Booklet by clicking here.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide access to high quality, stimulating and varied activities which promote learning, develop knowledge, and encourage participation in democratic society. Within our program we place special emphasis on providing opportunities for the serious and objective study of the arts, sciences and humanities (including languages). We are committed to:

  • Excellence in all aspects of our work
  • Students participating in their own education and in WEA's democratic management structure
  • Facilitating access for all who seek to take part in our activities

We believe that WEA activities are of value both to individuals both in their personal life and in their role as citizens in a democratic society, and therefore are of benefit to the broader community. If you would like a copy of our current or previous Annual Reports, please contact us.

Educational Policy Statement

  • Our aim is to provide opportunities for adults to engage in the serious and objective study of the arts, humanities, sciences and wider cultural and social issues.
  • We offer alternative courses as long as we consider that they contribute to the overall well-being of WEA Sydney (for example, courses which may contribute financially, or introduce students to our core program and courses).
  • We believe that quality education involves competent and dedicated tutors, well-chosen material and open discussion. We consider the selection of tutors to be crucial to us achieving and maintaining our aims.
  • We are devoted to achieving excellence in all aspects of our educational work.
  • We encourage systematic work and wide-ranging reading and study outside the WEA classroom.
  • We are truly independent and impartial; we promote no particular point of view about politics, social or political movements, or religion.
  • All relevant views are welcome in our activities. We cherish and promote freedom of thought, discussion and expression.
  • All of our courses are open to the public. However, periodically we may offer activities to particular groups of people, or to target particular educational needs within the community.

For a full list of our Policies, please visit our Policies & Statements page.

Board Directors & Senior Staff

  • President: Peter Skinner
  • Vice-President: Bill Steenson
  • Directors: Angelo Arulanandam, John Coombs, Louisa Denniss, Ellen Elzey, Helen Falconer, Sandra Harpley, Janet Timberg, David Zhang
  • Executive Director: Michael Newton
  • Education Manager: Christine Gietz
  • Finance Manager: Susan Robinson
  • VET Business Development and Compliance Manager: Caroline Evans