Bequests & Donations


WEA Sydney is able to accept bequests from any of its students, although these are not tax deductible. Small amounts can help to build a fund that will protect WEA’s interests and ability to maintain its current program, unique among other colleges.


WEA Sydney is an independent not-for-profit organisation, whose sole aim is the provision of educational courses and activities for its students. Largely self-funding through the fees that it charges for its courses, WEA Sydney attempts to keep these fees to the lowest level possible, and to offer extensive concessions for the elderly and for social security beneficiaries.

WEA Sydney is also able to raise support funding from the public through gifts and donations. Licenced by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient, any gift or donation over $2 is tax-deductible. This public contribution is an important source of financial support for WEA Sydney. All donations go directly to WEA Sydney’s educational activities, enabling our courses to be presented in the best possible setting and supported by its own research and lending library. WEA Sydney is committed to offering its students the best value possible, and your help through a small donation adds significantly to this objective.

All donations over $2 will be acknowledged through a formal tax deduction receipt.

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