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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan, prepare for and conduct the competency-based assessment of candidates using nationally recognised training products and validated assessment tools. It involves planning and preparing for the assessment based on the accessed training and assessment strategy and delivery plan. The unit also involves customising the assessment process; preparing candidates to be assessed; and then implementing assessment processes, including recognition of prior learning. Implementing assessment requires gathering quality evidence, making assessment judgements, and recording and reviewing the assessment process. The unit applies to entry-level vocational education and training (VET) assessors who assess candidates against nationally recognised training products. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication. All assignments are completed online making it easy and portable to keep track of where you are up to.

  • Students will be paying this course in two payments, one with an initial fee of $200 on enrolment, with a marking fee of $75 to be paid when the assessor has finished marking your unit.
  • This unit must be completed within 3 months. Extensions (1 month - $50, 3 month - $150, 6 month - $350) can be purchased through the office upon request.
  • All students have 90 days to submit the required documentation on enrolment or WEA Sydney reserves the right to cancel their enrolment.
  • Access to our online learning platform will be issued once we have received and verified all your supporting documentation and USI number.

Course entry requirements

Those entering this program must be able to demonstrate vocational competency in their proposed teaching and assessing area. Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience. Effective language, literacy and numeracy skills to plan, research and write a range of documentation and present information as well as access to a computer and internet is also required. Please notify us during the enrolment process of any additional learning needs to maximise your potential. Please ensure that you have read the WEA Sydney Student Handbook before enrolling.

Elements and Performance Criteria

Plan and prepare to conduct assessment

  • Access registered training organisation (RTO) assessment system and legislative and regulatory requirements and confirm assessment policies and procedures relevant to own job role
  • Access training and assessment strategy and delivery plan and identify purpose, target group, requirements and resources for assessment
  • Access and analyse unit/s of competency and assessment tool, and check that tool maps to unit/s and assessment requirements and complies with the principles of assessment and rules of evidence
  • Identify actions required to be undertaken by candidate and assessor in preparation for assessment
  • Identify and obtain resources required to meet assessment conditions according to organisational procedures

Customise assessment process

  • Identify where recognition of prior learning (RPL) and/or reasonable adjustment is required and can be appropriately applied to the assessment process without compromising the assessment’s integrity
  • Review foundation skill requirements of the unit of competency and foundation skill levels of candidates
  • Seek specialist advice and support where foundation skill support is required prior to assessment
  • Review information about candidates’ industry and/or work roles and identify any contextualisation required of assessment process
  • Determine and apply suitable methods to achieve required contextualisation
  • Record any modifications to assessment process according to organisational procedures

Prepare candidates

  • Explain to candidates the assessment process, performance standards, and any customisation made to assessment process, according to organisational procedures
  • Confirm that candidates understand and agree to assessment process and are aware of their right to appeal
  • Confirm with candidates that they are ready for assessment
  • Schedule assessment activities according to organisational procedures

Collect evidence

  • Organise, contextualise, and confirm assessment activities and candidate support according to assessment tool instructions
  • Use agreed assessment methods and instruments to gather, organise and document evidence in a format suitable for determining competence and according to principles of assessment and rules of evidence
  • Identify, monitor, and address within scope of own role work health and safety (WHS) hazards and risks during evidence collection
  • Monitor and adjust reasonable adjustments as required to accommodate candidate needs while maintaining rigour of assessment process
  • Record judgement of satisfactory or not satisfactory performance on all instruments, together with reasons for that judgement
  • Provide candidates with feedback on performance, support and opportunities to re-submit assessments according to organisational procedures

Make assessment judgement

  • Review collected evidence and confirm that rules of evidence and principles of assessment have been met
  • Ensure that required assessment activities have been completed according to VET regulatory requirements and the assessment guidance and are assessed as satisfactory before making a judgement of competence
  • Seek moderation to assist in making the final judgement where required and according to organisational requirements
  • Make assessment judgement based on evidence of individual candidate’s demonstrated competence against evidence requirements
  • Record judgement of competence, details of how judgement was made, and any modifications or adjustments made to assessment process
  • Provide feedback to candidate on performance and assessment judgement according to organisational procedures
  • Implement and document required follow-up for those candidates deemed not yet competent
  • Complete and submit assessment records and results according to organisational procedures

Review assessment practice

  • Seek feedback relevant to own assessment practice and according to organisational procedures
  • Analyse assessment and own assessment practice and feedback and identify opportunities for improvements

For a full overview of this individual unit, please visit the training.gov.au website.

Will you need to sit for any exams?

No, this is a competency-based course. You will need to show that you understand and are able to implement the learning you have received and will be required to competently complete assessment tasks for all units of learning.

Enrol online now or ring us on 9264 2781 for further enquiries.
Registered Training Organisation Number: 90194

Assessments are made against units of competency.

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