Strike a Chord 2: Piano Playing for the Confident Beginner WEA Sydney

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This course is the natural step-up from being an absolute beginner. We will learn about piano music notation and how to apply it . Bass and treble clef music will be our focus for both left and right hands, for separate and simultaneous playing. The metronome will be introduced for learning rhythm patterns and interpretation. We will learn how to play chords in each hand accompanying a melody.

 Students will require a portable keyboard/piano to play in real time during the whole lesson, preferably 3 octaves or more (37 notes). No music reading skills required.


  • Online


  • A refresher on hand positioning, posture and correct fingering
  • Playing and interpreting bass and treble clef piano music
  • Rhythm introduction using a metronome to keep in time
  • Simple melodies and tunes will be explored
  • Chord playing with both hands to create harmony
  • Introduction to arpeggios (broken chords)


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Have the confidence to sit at a piano and know where to start
  2. Recognise the significance of both the treble and bass clefs
  3. Count, tap and play to simple time signatures
  4. Decipher the correct fingering using sheet music, to create tunes
  5. Explore chords and enjoy the result of creating delicious harmonies!

Rebecca Scott

Dip.Op.Arts, MAMT
In 1991 Rebecca graduated as an opera singer from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Diploma in Operatic Arts (DOA). She worked and lived in London and Europe for 13 years as a professional...

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