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Available Classes

This class will show you how to employ a range of traditional artist’s materials in combination with one another. The class will greatly benefit anyone wanting to come to grips with the breadth of possibilities inherent in traditional drawing materials. Improve your drawing skills while also experiencing and analysing, the full range of possibilities they offer an artistic practice, both individually and in unison. Materials studied will include pen and ink, pen and wash, white chalk and gouache; in unison with a variety of coloured and white papers. Suitable for beginners to intermediate.


  • Face-to-Face


  • Black and white chalk pencil on blue-grey paper: The first class will show student how to employ black and white chalk on a mid-tone paper.
  • Red and white chalk pencil on buff paper: The second class will show student how to employ red and white chalk on a mid-tone paper.
  • Pen and Ink on paper: Pen and Ink will be employed over an initial black chalk pencil drawing.
  • Pen and wash on watercolour paper: Students will learn how to broadly depict the fall of light and shadow and accurately describe the shadows shape with an ink wash.
  • Black chalk, pen and ink with wash and white chalk on buff paper: On a dark buff paper, students will build up a drawing employing the above materials.
  • Red, Black and white gouache on buff paper: Black chalk will be added to a drawing in red chalk to suggest relative transitional cool values. White gouache will be added in a transparent wash to suggest the higher values and more opaque marks to depict the highlights.
  • Black chalk, ink wash and gouache on blue-grey paper: Over a black chalk drawing, an ink wash will be added to describe the shadow shape of the form. White gouache will be employed again to describe the higher values and highlights.
  • Black, red and white chalk with pastel on buff or blue-grey paper: This class will introduce the student to the combined use of pastel with natural chalks. Students will only need to purchase an additional two pastels for this exercise. Materials to be discussed in previous class.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Gain an introduction to the use of mixed media materials employed by artists of the past.
  2. Use different media to describe form, contour, relative ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ values and the distribution of light and shadow over objects.
  3. Make use of a variety of coloured papers in mixed media drawings.


  • Oil based black chalk pencil
  • Oil based red chalk pencil
  • White chalk pencil
  • White gouache paint
  • Stanley knife
  • Kneedable eraser
  • A3 sktechbook
  • Two paper stumps
  • Nib holder
  • Speedball or other brand of lettering & drawing round pen nib B Style B-5 ½ (and two other nibs of slightly smaller and larger sizes).
  • Watercolour brush
  • One sheet of watercolour paper
  • Three A3 sheets of blue-grey paper or a larger sheet divided to size.
  • Three A3 sheets of buff paper sheets or a larger sheet divided to size.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive to the first class with all the relevant materials. A lack of materials is not just a handicap to you but to the ability to teach. Materials cost is not included in a course fee. In the event of a course being cancelled WEA cannot be held responsible for the purchase of any course materials. We therefore suggest you purchase your materials closer to the time of the course commencing.


The following stockists below are examples of places you can buy art materials from:

  • Art on King: 199-201 King Street, Newtown. Ph: 9516 2342
  • Eckersley's Art and Craft Store: 93 York Street, Sydney. Ph: 9299 4151. Also located in various locations throughout Greater Sydney.
  • Parkers Art Supplies: 3 Cambridge Street, The Rocks. Ph: 9247 9979
  • The Art Scene: 914 Victoria Road, West Ryde. Ph: 9807 6900
  • The Sydney Art Store: 11 Salisbury Street, Botany. Ph: 9699 2162

You can also purchase materials from places such as Dymocks, Officeworks, Spotlight, Lincraft or online art suppliers such as Art Shed Online.

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