Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By enrolling into a WEA Sydney course, students agree to abide by a series of basic rights and responsibilities.

Student Rights

All students have the right to learn in a supportive environment.

  • Fair and respectful treatment from WEA Sydney staff and tutors in line with equity and antidiscrimination legislation, and WEA Sydney policies.
  • Access to WEA Sydney’s management, through our grievances procedure, to assist in any matters of concern.
  • Provision of and access to courses that recognise individual needs and learning styles.
  • Protection from harassment.
  • Procedure of appeal for a review of the results of a formal assessment.
  • The right to learn in a safe, professional and clean environment.
  • The presentation of courses, without additional or hidden costs, as advertised.
  • Free availability of information concerning enrolments, policies and procedures as they relate to students, and the conduct of their course.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.

Student Responsibilities

WEA Sydney supports a standard of behaviour based on mutual respect for other people, their property and belief systems. No student has the right to disrupt the learning of another student. WEA Sydney reserves the right to exclude any course participant if it is deemed that the learning environment has been compromised.

  • Treat other WEA Sydney students, and staff, with respect and fairness, and not to exercise prejudice against any people with disability or special needs.
  • Behave in an acceptable and appropriate manner towards other students, and staff.
  • Provide notification to WEA Sydney of changes in their personal details.
  • Follow required safety procedures, as directed by WEA Sydney staff and tutors.
  • Read and abide by the information concerning enrolments/refunds/certificates contained within the WEA Sydney brochure and Code of Practice.
  • Refrain from behaviour which could be defined as anti-social (e.g. swearing, abuse) or which could pace at risk any other student or staff members.
  • Submit all required course work (e.g. assessments) by the due date, or negotiate an extension (prior to the due date) if circumstances require.
  • Not engage in plagiarism, collusion or other forms of illegal work assistance, in the completion of an assessment task.

Refunds & Transfer Policy

  • Refunds will be issued if a course is cancelled or withdrawn.
  • If you are unable to attend a course, a refund can be issued at the discretion of the Education Manager, provided the request is made in writing no less than 21 days before the course is due to commence.
  • Refunds will be processed within 14 days of a class cancellation.
  • In the case of serious illness that prevents you completing a course, a refund can be issued on production of a medical certificate. A family member’s illness is not covered by WEA Sydney’s Refund Policy.
  • A $30 administrative fee applies to ALL enrolment changes irrespective of the price of the course.
  • WEA Sydney cannot be held responsible for any changes in personal circumstances or work commitments.
  • A course enrolment can be transferred if you wish to pass it onto another person, unless stated otherwise.
  • WEA Sydney is not responsible for books or materials that you may have purchased for a course, or any personal cost or expenses incurred for attending a course.
  • WEA Sydney reserves the right to alter any of the published arrangements, either before or during the course, or to cancel or terminate a course.
  • WEA Sydney reserves the right to refuse enrolments as permitted by law.
  • In the case of new enrolments into language courses where you decide the class is not at a suitable level, a transfer will be offered free of charge. All such requests must be made by the tutor and within 2 weeks of the course commencing.