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Seperatism - Why Nations Break Apart

This course looks at how and why nations fragment, why parts break away, and considers whether this could happen in Australia, with separatist movements in Western Australia and Norfolk Island and among some indigenous groups. How could indigenous ‘recognition’ and ‘sovereignty’ co-exist within Australia’s constitutional structure? Sometimes... [More]

Armchair Travels

This course let’s you visit six extraordinary destinations without leaving home. We will discuss the history of these places, what continues to draws travellers and options for ‘virtual travel’. We will visit Rapa Nui (Easter Island) unique, remote, mysterious; Vladivostok Russia, once closed to outsiders, now Russia’s gateway to the East; Kasane... [More]

Possums, Power, Passion and People - Australia and the Protection of its Environment

Learn about Australia’s history that began with a European mindset that was determined to transform an ancient landscape into a typical English countryside at great costs to its environment and indigenous peoples. Why did some 19th Century citizens raise the alarm at the ‘wanton destruction’ of Australian forests? Why did some 20th Century citizens... [More]

Biology and Destiny

A perennial topic for philosophical speculation is the question of personal autonomy, or ‘what we can choose’ versus ‘what is pre-ordained for us’ and it is now coming into the realm of experimental science. We may soon be in the uncomfortable position of being provided with answers! In this course we will discuss various aspects of what its... [More]

Wombats, Wattle, Wilderness, World Heritage & Wellbeing

This course will introduce you to Australia’s amazing wilderness – which like the rest of the world’s wilderness is disappearing due to human modification of the land. Learn about its history, breathtaking beauty and why it is so very important looking into the future. Wombats too are endangered – what makes these unique creatures important and... [More]