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Watercolour painting is one of the most beautiful art forms. Explore both basic and creative techniques. On completion, you should be able to paint a landscape and a portrait. Please note that while this is a beginners' class it is advisable that you have some previous drawing or art experience. Advanced students also welcomed.


  • Online


  • Use of materials, introduction to wash techniques
  • Texture exercises
  • Tonal exercises
  • Still life
  • Copying an old master exercise
  • Free choice
  • Life painting
  • Portraiture


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Utilise basic wash techniques.
  2. Explore and develop use of materials.
  3. Display an understanding of colour.
  4. Complete at least 3 competent works by the end of the course.


  • Water colours - either cakes or 20ml tubes or set of watercolours – suggested colours: 2 yellows (Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow); 2 blues (Prussian blue, cobalt blue); 2 reds (Cadmium Red, Rose/Magenta); China White; Ivory Black. Or a cheap set of watercolours.
  • All brushes should be soft (ie fake sable or sable). Three sizes: Flat brush Size 10; 3 round brushes Sizes 8,6 and 4; Pointed brush Size 2.
  • Watercolour Palette; Water container and rags; Indian ink; A piece of candle; A light coloured wax crayon; Gladwrap; Sea Sponge; Tissues; Ordinary Salt; Cotton buds; HB pencil; Rubber; Masking Tape.
  • Paper – At least 3 sheets of Water colour Paper 300 grm or Watercolour Pad with all sides stuck down; Cartridge Pad (Sketch pad – small/medium size).

IMPORTANT: Please arrive to the first class with all the relevant materials. A lack of materials is not just a handicap to you but to the ability to teach. Materials cost is not included in a course fee. In the event of a course being cancelled WEA cannot be held responsible for the purchase of any course materials. We therefore suggest you purchase your materials closer to the time of the course commencing.


The following stockists below are examples of places you can buy art materials from:

  • Art on King: 199-201 King Street, Newtown. Ph: 9516 2342
  • Eckersley's Art and Craft Store: 93 York Street, Sydney. Ph: 9299 4151. Also located in various locations throughout Greater Sydney.
  • Parkers Art Supplies: 3 Cambridge Street, The Rocks. Ph: 9247 9979
  • The Art Scene: 914 Victoria Road, West Ryde. Ph: 9807 6900
  • The Sydney Art Store: 11 Salisbury Street, Botany. Ph: 9699 2162

You can also purchase materials from places such as Dymocks, Officeworks, Spotlight, Lincraft or online art suppliers such as Art Shed Online.

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