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Now that you have an email account set up and have learned the basics of addressing and sending emails, it’s time to expand your knowledge and learn some of the tricks and traps of using email.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • set up an address book with your most common contacts
  • manage your email address book with a range of handy hints and tips
  • create groups and send emails to multiple people
  • all about email etiquette
  • use CCs and BCCs (copying and blind-copying people into your emails)

Prerequisite: attendance at 'Intro to Email – part 1' (or equivalent knowledge)

What to bring:

  • Your fully charged iPad, tablet or smartphone, and its charger
  • An email account; either the Gmail account set up in the Introduction to Email Part 1 workshop, or another existing email account.
  • Notepad and pen

Courses will be held at WEA House, with no more than 10 participants per class.

The Tech Savvy Seniors program is for seniors aged 60 years and above, and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander elders aged 50 years and above in NSW who:

  •  Have little or no experience in using technologies
  •  Require additional skills and confidence to use and adapt to new technologies

This program (held in partnership with the NSW Government and Telstra) delivers government-funded digital literacy training to seniors so they can develop the skills and confidence to access information and services online, or connect with family and friends.

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