Travel Hints for Japan

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Australians love the safe environment of travelling in Japan and their contact with Japanese culture. With a few travel hints this experience can be enhanced immeasurably. Discuss Japanese inns and cuisine, and the wonderful chances to attend Japanese festivals. Think about the timing of your visit, and which cities to visit. Tips on how to get around and get the most out of your stay including visits to hot springs.


  • Richard Story – A History of Modern Japan (Pelican Original, 1960)
  • John McBride – Notes on visiting Japan’s major cities (copies will be distributed in class)


  • Brief history of Japan
  • Major cities of Japan
  • Major festivals of Japan, and seasonal attractions
  • Great restaurants and inns of Japan

By the end of the evening, participants should be able to:

  1. Confidently plan a visit to Japan.
  2. Enjoy walking the streets of the major cities of Japan.
  3. Be aware of the long history of Japan as you visit its great monuments.