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TAEASS404 - Assess competence in an online environment

<p>This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to assess candidate/s competence in an online environment. It involves implementing a plan for the assessment process, gathering quality

Self paced
Approximately 120 hours
90 maximum days to complete
Please ensure you read carefully through the unit description before enrolling.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to assess candidate/s competence in an online environment. It involves implementing a plan for the assessment process, gathering quality evidence according to the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence, and making the assessment decision. It also involves recording and reviewing the completed assessment process. The unit applies to individuals who use a range of technical competencies to assess candidates who are participating in assessment remotely and interacting with teachers, peers and other industry professionals by means of various electronic applications and communication channels. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication. All assignments are completed online making it easy and portable to keep track of where you are up to.

  • Students will be paying this course in two payments, one with an initial fee of $200 on enrolment, with a marking fee of $75 to be paid when the assessor has finished marking your unit.
  • This unit must be completed within 3 months. Extensions (1 month - $50, 3 month - $150, 6 month - $350) can be purchased through the office upon request.
  • All students have 90 days to submit the required documentation on enrolment or WEA Sydney reserves the right to cancel their enrolment.
  • Access to our online learning platform will be issued once we have received and verified all your supporting documentation and USI number.

Course entry requirements

Those entering this program must be able to demonstrate vocational competency in their proposed teaching and assessing area. Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience. Effective language, literacy and numeracy skills to plan, research and write a range of documentation and present information as well as access to a computer and internet is also required. Please notify us during the enrolment process of any additional learning needs to maximise your potential. Please ensure that you have read the WEA Sydney Student Handbook before enrolling.

Elements and Performance Criteria

Prepare to assess in online environment

  • Review purpose and requirements of assessment against learning outcomes
  • Source and interpret plan for online assessment and confirm it meets identified need and applicable organisational policies and procedures, and confirm with required personnel as required
  • Access information, digital resources, electronic applications and communication channels required for assessment
  • Confirm technology, digital tools and assessment conditions required to conduct online assessment activities
  • Ensure candidate/s have clear understanding of technology requirements for assessment, and where required explain, discuss and agree on details of planned online assessment and candidate’s digital needs
  • Identify and organise required support for foundation skill, assessment and technical needs within scope of own role; and access specialist support where required

Administer online assessment

  • Confirm that authentication of candidate identity and security requirements are in place according to plan
  • Progressively gather and record authentic evidence using required methods and tools and according to plan, organisational policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements
  • Troubleshoot any technological challenges or issues that arise within scope of own role, and escalate where required
  • Make necessary and reasonable adjustments to assessment process in relation to any candidate support needs
  • Facilitate two-way communication with candidate/s being assessed as required and according to regulatory requirements

Make assessment decision of evidence submitted online

  • Review collected evidence and confirm it meets rules of evidence
  • Make and record assessment decision based on collected evidence and according to principles of assessment and organisational policies and procedures
  • Inform required parties of assessment decision, or confirm decision notification, according to organisational policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements
  • Facilitate clear and constructive two-way feedback with candidate/s regarding assessment process and decision, and clearly document any required follow-up

Finalise online assessment process

  • Record and store assessment outcomes according to online assessment system, organisational policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements
  • Review online assessment process and seek feedback from candidate/s and required personnel, recording any relevant technological challenges or issues
  • Identify opportunities for future improvements and make any necessary adjustments for future assessment delivery or advise required personnel as necessary

For a full overview of this individual unit, please visit the training.gov.au website.

Will you need to sit for any exams?

No, this is a competency-based course. You will need to show that you understand and are able to implement the learning you have received and will be required to competently complete assessment tasks for all units of learning.

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  • Assess competence in an online environment (TAEASS404)

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