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This course is a continuation from Spanish Beginners 1 and is for any student wishing to learn the language for business, travel or everyday use with approximately 20 hours of Spanish required. Students will develop skills to use in conversation, reading, listening and writing. This course aims to build general basic comprehension and communication skills in beginners Spanish and an introduction to cultural practices, with a focus on clear explanation of basic language principles.


  • Online


  • ELE Actual A1 Libro del Alumno (SM Ediciones: 2019), ISBN: 9788413180373

Supplier: Abbey's Bookshop
Please note that textbook cost is not included in the course fee. In the event of a course being cancelled, WEA Sydney cannot be held responsible for the purchase of any textbooks. Language courses will be confirmed or cancelled at least 7 days prior to their starting date.


Chapter 5

  • Family
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Physical descriptions
  • Colours
  • Character
  • Identifying people
  • Verbs: estar, tener
  • Verbs: ser, hablar, trabajar, estudiar, vivir
  • Adjectives and nouns
  • Possessives: mi, mis, tu, tus, su, sus
  • Matching adjectives with nouns, gender and number
  • Interrogatives: ¿Quién?, ¿Cuántos?, ¿Cómo?
  • Quantifiers: muy, bastante

Chapter 6

  • Objects
  • Numbers 101- 10, 000
  • Currency and money
  • Shopping
  • Indeterminate articles: singular, plural
  • Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives
  • Interrogatives: ¿Cuál? ¿Cuánto?

Chapter 7

  • Towns, cities
  • Geographic location
  • Numbers from 10 001
  • Uses of ser and estar
  • Prepositions and adverbs to talk about location: por, en, cerca, lejos
  • Interrogatives: ¿Cuántos?, ¿Dónde?, ¿Cómo?, ¿Por qué?, ¿Cuál?

Chapter 8

  • House
  • Bedroom
  • Furniture
  • Verb to be: descriptions (ser)
  • Verb to be: location in space (estar)
  • Hay- están
  • Prepositions and place adverbs


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.
  2. Introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has.
  3. Interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.
  4. Demonstrate the skills, language and attitudes required for further study of Spanish.


If you are a new WEA Student and enrol into a language class and subsequently find that you are at the wrong level (whether too high or too low), you are permitted to transfer into another more suitable class at no additional cost, provided that the request is made within the first two classes and is in writing from your tutor directly to the Education Manager. After that point, an administration fee of $30 will apply.

Mayra Camacho Ardila

Mayra Camacho is a Spanish tutor, who holds a bachelor's degree in foreign Languages Teaching. With more than 10 years’ experience, both in Colombia and Australia, Mayra has had the opportunity to...