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If you are in a choir, intend to join one or just have a desire to interpret written music, this course is made for you! Decipher songs using all the correct musical terminology language to demystify your fears about how to follow musical notation with precision. Navigate the ins-and-outs of repeats, time signatures, bar numbers, melody/harmony lines and how to mark up a score. Once these musical directions are learnt, they can be applied to any song to help you understand the magic language of music. For students who are familiar with music notation terms i.e. crotchets, quavers, minims etc, staves and bar lines.


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  • Analysing repertoire and follow any written musical instruction.
  • Understanding basic Italian terms and how they interchange in music.
  • Learning shortcuts and cues for easy reading.
  • Tips on how to correctly mark up a vocal score of music.
  • Learning how to follow the conductor while trying to follow the music.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Pick up vocal sheet music and recognise the structure and its instructions.
  2. Interpret Italian terminology for dynamics and tempo markings.
  3. Hold a score of music and be able to watch the conductor with confidence.
  4. Have awareness of what kind of preparation is needed for rehearsals.

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