Strike a Chord 1: Piano Playing for the Absolute Beginner

A perfect course for the absolute beginner who has always been curious about what playing the piano entails. Here we will uncover the notes on the piano, why middle C is so important, how to position the hands, how to play an 8 note scale concentrating on the correct fingering, wrist positions and posture. Lastly we will progress to the exciting stage of how to coordinate both hands playing together! No music reading skills required.


  • Online


Students will require a portable keyboard/piano to play in real time during the whole lesson, preferably 3 octaves or more (37 notes).

  • Introduction to the piano keyboard naming all the black and white notes
  • A step-by-step explanation of how the hand is positioned to play smoothly
  • Wrist and back posture demonstrated and applied
  • Left and right hand playing with correct fingering for scales
  • Coordinating both hands together to create melody and harmony


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Name all the notes on the piano with the correct terminology.
  2. Play more than one octave with both hands.
  3. Play chromatic scales with both hands.
  4. Coordinate left and right hands playing simultaneously.
  5. Learn simple songs using the correct fingering in both hands.

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