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Available Classes

Learn how to live longer and stay physically and mentally young by discovering the latest research in neurosciences and the art of looking after our brains. Discover the secrets of the “Blue Zones”, diet and lifestyle choices and how they contribute to longevity.


  • Face-to-Face


  • What is ageing?
  • What is longevity medicine?
  • The latest research in neurosciences and longevity
  • The Blue Zones with high rates of nonagenarians and centenarians (90-100 years old)
  • Do diet and lifestyle play a role in determining our lifespan?
  • The counterclockwise experiment by Ellen Langer
  • The role of motivation and mindset in ageing and longevity
  • Assessing your longevity with a university research tool
  • Develop your own action plan to live longer


By the end of this course, student should be able to:

  1. Understand how to look after their brain, and how to live longer by changing their environment and habits.
  2. Write a personalised action plan to live longer based on neurosciences, diet, lifestyle.