Music Theory for P Platers: Intermediate Level WEA Sydney

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This course is designed to expand and consolidate your knowledge on major and minor scales, enharmonic equivalents, the circle of 5th's and the use of double sharps and flats. Rhythmic passages and time signatures will also be in the mix of this insightful course. No singing will be involved, but all the knowledge behind a music singing score will be!


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  • Construction of all major and minor scales.
  • The language of enharmonics, why and how they are used.
  • Learning all 15 key signatures, tricks and shortcuts.
  • What are time signatures, how do we decipher and apply them?
  • How do we keep in rhythm and read music simultaneously?


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Feel confident in interpreting a song in a certain key, and why.
  2. Use the appropriate musical language for score reading.
  3. Interpret key signatures with ease and apply them on a stave.
  4. Read time signatures and their note values efficiently.
  5. Articulate musical notations, directions and symbols fluently.

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