"God save the King!" - Chess for Beginners

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world, and its popularity is increasing, also thanks to TV shows and movies. However, it is not a game for brainiacs, as it is often believed. Everybody can play chess (although not everyone is going to become a Grandmaster). Chess is fun, whether you play it with friends, strangers or an AI. But that’s not it. Chess is good for the brain: it makes people smarter, old people younger, and so on (it doesn’t yet solve world hunger, unless we consider beavers). This course will guide you through chess' rules, tips and tricks to help get you started, and will make you practice with your fellow students.


  • Online


  • Chess Rules Pt. I: the chess board, the pieces’ movements, importance of pieces
  • Chess Rules Pt. II: pieces’ special movements
  • Chess Do's & Dont's: best practice recommendations
  • 1v1s: games with other students

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