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Have you always longed to learn how to sing with confidence and find out whether you can sing in tune? How do you learn to overcome nerves and performance anxiety? Look no further - this course is for you! Learn how to find your voice, sing with freedom and be taught how to read music, strengthening your rhythmic skills and applying it to repertoire.


  • Face-to-Face


  • The crucial fundamentals of singing and diaphragmatic breathing.
  • The physiology of the voice and how to apply it.
  • Learning confidence through tuning in to others using pitch.
  • Introduction to music theory including rhythm.
  • Learning how to hold a note on against other voices creating harmony.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Develop an awareness of their own instrument (their voice) and its versatility.
  2. Assess the problem areas of their own singing and apply the given techniques.
  3. Gain confidence in how to approach music both by reading and deciphering it.
  4. Discover how to unblock old habits and experience freedom in their voice.
  5. Discover their voice!

Rebecca Scott

Dip.Op.Arts, MAMT
In 1991 Rebecca graduated as an opera singer from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Diploma in Operatic Arts (DOA). She worked and lived in London and Europe for 13 years as a professional...

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