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The Domain is a place for people to express themselves - as artists in the Art Gallery, as writers in the State Library, as Red Cross workers, and balloonists, and as protesters at the Domain itself - so this tour among the trees is your opportunity to express your enjoyment of history in our city. We will start inside the Mitchell Library and finish at the Art Gallery, providing you with opportunities to enjoy air-conditioned cafes. The tour combines history, the beauty of outdoors, familiarisation with Sydney and social opportunities to chat with like-minded people. Meet at Mitchell Library (State Library of NSW), 1 Shakespeare Place, Sydney 10 minutes before the tour starts so it can commence on time.

This walk will go ahead whatever the weather, except where the guide deems there to be a threat to health and safety. In this situation you will be contacted with an alternative date. Please ensure your mobile phone number is up-to-date with WEA before enrolling and make sure you take it with you on the day in case the tutor needs to contact you.


  • Face-to-Face


  • State Library
  • Shakespeare Place
  • Early colonial land use
  • Botanic garden
  • First balloon rides
  • Garden Palace Exhibition
  • WWI Red Cross canteen
  • 1917 Great Strike
  • Cahill Expressway
  • Art Gallery of NSW


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Know the history of the Domain land use
  2. Discover events which transformed the site and buildings surrounding the Domain

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