French Civilization Through Historical and Literary Extracts: from Joan of Arc to the 20th century WEA Sydney

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The richness of French literature, which extends from the Middle Ages onwards, is one of the great achievements of the human imagination. This literature is closely tied to the cultural and social history of France, and in this course each unit examines a different pivotal figure and moment: Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years’ War, Montaigne and the Renaissance, Montesquieu and the Enlightenment, Balzac and the early Romantic period, Camus and Sartre - the Absurd and Existentialism in the 20th century. As an optional bonus, several extracts from Gide’s novel Les Faux-Monnayeurs are included.

This is a Discussion Group course, if you aren’t already part of a group please see ‘Getting Started’ below.


Course Author: Robert Forgacs

Course Code: D250

Supplied Material: Course Booklet

Units & Pricing: 6 units / $78 per person


Start your Group: Anyone can start a Discussion Group – seek out some like-minded friends or put up a notice in your local library, bookshop or workplace. Please note a minimum of 6 people is required to start a new discussion group.

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Run your Group: Choose a secretary to liaise with WEA and your tutor, a Discussion Leader to chair meetings, a reporter to take discussion notes to send to your tutor, and maybe a librarian to look after the books.

Start the Course: Contact WEA Sydney to enrol. Bookings can be made for one year, divided into two terms – Term 1 commences in February, Term 2 in July (Groups may make forward bookings for popular choices). Please indicate in what order your Group wishes to study the courses, if more than one course is booked.