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This course focuses on the outstanding works of art and music that have emerged from the Low Countries: the paintings of the Van Eyck brothers, and the Flemish school in the early 15th century; the music of Clemens non Papa and Jan Sweelinck, Holland's greatest late Renaissance composers; Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Holland; Mozart in the Netherlands; the plays of Maurice Maeterlinck, the only Belgian writer ever to be awarded a Nobel Prize for literature (1911); and finally Georges Simenon, Belgium's most famous crime-fiction writer and creator of the celebrated Maigret series of novels. Note: study material includes discs of art works, music excerpts and a special Maigret DVD.

This is a Discussion Group course, if you aren’t already part of a group please see ‘Getting Started’ below.



Course Author: Robert Forgacs

Course Code: D238

Supplied Material: Course Booklet, DVD + USB

Units & Pricing: 6 units / $78 per person



Start your Group: Anyone can start a Discussion Group – seek out some like-minded friends or put up a notice in your local library, bookshop or workplace. Please note a minimum of 6 people is required to start a new discussion group.

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Run your Group: Choose a secretary to liaise with WEA and your tutor, a Discussion Leader to chair meetings, a reporter to take discussion notes to send to your tutor, and maybe a librarian to look after the books.

Start the Course: Contact WEA Sydney to enrol. Bookings can be made for one year, divided into two terms – Term 1 commences in February, Term 2 in July (Groups may make forward bookings for popular choices). Please indicate in what order your Group wishes to study the courses, if more than one course is booked.