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The area between Barcelona and Nimes has a distinctive atmosphere, and its position between the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula, and northern Europe meant that from the Romans onwards the region has been strategically significant. Today visitors encounter a unique tapestry of classical, Visigoth, Jewish, Muslim and Christian influences, recognized by the Spanish as 'Catalonian' (French 'Languedoc') culture. In the Middle Ages the region was a crossing-point for pilgrims travelling to and from Santiago, an embarkation point for Crusaders, a refuge for popes escaping Rome, and a hotbed of religious dissent and conflict (for example, the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade). This course explores the dynamic cultures of medieval Catalonia.

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Course Author: Carole Cusack

Course Code: D231

Supplied Material: Course Booklet

Units & Pricing: 6 units / $78 per person