Reading Novels - The Joys Of Double-dipping

Of the thousands of novels published every year very few, if any, will go on tobecome classics, not many will reach great critical acclaim, buy some few will demand to be read and then re-read. In this course we will look at some of those which make this demand on us and try to find out just why it is that we aredrawn to read them again and again. We examine plot, characters, setting, dif ferent eras, and naturally the quality of the writing through a review of selected passages. No detective, no fantasy, just abiding classics, from authors such as Jane Austen, F Scott Fitzgerald, Harper Lee, Shirley Hazzard, E M Forster, Hemingway, De Bernieres, Proulx, and yes, The Wind in the Willows.


Course Author: Judy Hartshorne

Course Code: D202

Supplied Material: Course Booklet

Units & Pricing: 5 units / $68 per person


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