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Religious people express their conviction in the existence of God or the gods in a variety of ways. Some religions ban art and insist that God cannot be depicted (like Judaism and Islam), whereas others produce beautiful and diverse depictions of their divinity (Hinduism and the Roman Catholic and Orthodox varieties of Christianity). Some religions are insistent that salvation depends on orthodoxy (believing the right things) and others that salvation is a matter of orthopraxy (doing the right thing). Assuming that you have been saved, different religions offer the faithful person different rewards, such as a blissful afterlife (Christianity, Islam), or total extinction (Theravada Buddhism). This unit explores the different religious behaviours of human beings.

This is a Discussion Group course, if you aren’t already part of a group please see ‘Getting Started’ below.


Course Author: Carole Cusack

Course Code: D192

Supplied Material: Course Booklet

Units & Pricing: 5 units / $68 per person



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