Life and Literature in the Roman World: From Cicero to Prudentius WEA Sydney

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The literature of Ancient Rome has had an enduring influence on Western Civilization. This course focuses on twelve outstanding Roman writers, from the first century BC to the fourth century AD: Cicero, Caesar, Catullus, Sallust, Virgil, Horace, Tibullus, Ovid, Petronius, Tacitus, Pliny and Prudentius. Looking through the eyes of politicians, generals, historians, poets, novelists and letter writers, much is revealed of the changes in Roman life, social institutions and attitudes from the end of the Republic to the early Empire and the rise of Christianity. Extracts from written works plus illustrated examples of art, sculpture and architecture will be included.


Course Author: Robert Forgacs

Course Code: D149

Supplied Material: Course Booklet

Units & Pricing: 6 units / $78 per person


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