Circling the Square: A Story Saunter around Hyde Park WEA Sydney

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Hyde Park forms a green heart to the City of Sydney, rimmed round with some of our most significant and beautiful historic buildings. Saunter through the park appreciating St Mary’s Cathedral and the War Memorial, Sydney Grammar and the Australian Museum, the architectural triumphs of Greenway and Macquarie, and many others. Follow the threads connecting us to people from our past as storyteller Jo Henwood shares stories behind the buildings we can see today, as well as what was there before. The buildings might not speak – but we certainly can! Meet at the Archibald Memorial Fountain - Hyde Park North, 110 Elizabeth St, Sydney 10 minutes before the tour starts so it can commence on time.

This walk will go ahead whatever the weather, except where the guide deems there to be a threat to health and safety. In this situation you will be contacted with an alternative date. Please ensure your mobile phone number is up-to-date with WEA before enrolling and ensure that you have it with you on the day in case the tutor needs to contact you.


  • Face-to-Face


  • Sundial; Busby’s Bore fountain; Macquarie statue
  • Macquarie Street: Rum Hospital, Mint, Hyde Park Barracks, St James church, Queen Square
  • Dalley statue; Frazer Memorial Fountain; Archibald Fountain
  • St Mary’s Cathedral; Sandringham Gardens; Cook statue
  • Australian Museum; Sydney Grammar School; YMCA
  • Emden Memorial; Anzac War Memorial; Mark Foys
  • Yininmadyemi: Thou didst let fall; Obelisk
  • Great Synagogue; John Baptist fountain
  • David Jones; St James station; Chess board


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Know the statues and memorials within and around Hyde Park and what they signify
  2. Discover significant buildings within sight of Hyde Park, their purpose and uses
  3. Learn about events that happened in and around Hyde Park in the past

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