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This course is a continuation of the beginners 1, for any student who has a basic understanding and knowledge of Mandarin, and wishes to further improve their learning Mandarin Chinese for business, travel, and/or everyday use. Students will develop skills in pinyin, vocabulary, sentence structure, conversation, listening and speaking.


  • Face-to-Face


  • Learning Conversational Chinese for Beginners Book & Online Audio 2nd ed (Tuttle Publishing, 2019), ISBN: 9780804849463

Supplier: Abbey's Language Book Centre
Please note that textbook cost is not included in the course fee. In the event of a course being cancelled, WEA Sydney cannot be held responsible for the purchase of any textbooks. Language courses will be confirmed or cancelled at least 7 days prior to their starting date.


  • Pinyin – sound, toning, rules
  • Greetings and self-introduction (name, nationality, countries, ages, jobs etc.)
  • Family members
  • Numbers (lucky & unlucky numbers, phone number, time, date, month, week, year, birthday)
  • Money and shopping


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Greet people, introduce themselves and have basic conversations with others
  2. Describe number related topics, including phone, time, year/month/day/week, date of birth, money
  3. Start to have a basic understanding of Chinese culture, including numbers and shopping

Ying Liu

MBA, B.Mus
Ying Liu (MBA, B.Mus) is a qualified language teacher, established musician and culture promoter, with more than twenty years of experience in teaching and presenting Chinese music, language and...