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This short intensive course will enable you to understand and be understood on your tourist or business trip away. You will be able to greet people, make simple transactions, order food, ask for directions, seek help if needed, provide explanations and travel on public transport. Learn/Learn about: phrases and how to communicate and explain; attractions to visit; important symbols and signs; money, tipping and transacting; safe travel; and an introduction to the culture for a happy and successful trip.


  • Face-to-Face / Online


  • Tutor supplied material


  • Meeting, greeting and engaging with native speakers in a variety of everyday situations within cultural courtesies
  • Asking questions and understanding responses in conversational settings such as travelling, shopping, at accommodation and tourist destinations and in simple business communication
  • Understanding important signs, symbols and other written imagery
  • Identifying and using currency and the customs of tipping
  • Important and/or iconic attractions such as landscapes, buildings, markets and providores
  • Guidelines for safe trouble including customs, avoiding hot spots, asking for help, safe eating and travel guides
  • An introduction to the culture which may include food, religion, ethnic groups, customs and some history.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Introduce themselves, greet people, exchange courtesies and information
  2. Ask questions, ask for assistance, order food, shop and travel in-country by engaging in simple but effective communication
  3. Know about attractions to visit
  4. Know the values of money (coins and notes) and customs of tipping
  5. Travel with an awareness of personal safety
  6. Identify and use courteous customs

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