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Would you like to harvest your own honey? It’s easy to have a few hives and then let the bees do most of the work for you. Learn everything you need to know about bees, the equipment needed and how much honey you can expect. Find out what other products you can make such as beer, candles, soap and cosmetic creams. Comprehensive notes are provided and places are limited.


  • Face-to-Face


  • What is Honey?; History of Beekeeping
  • Importance of bees; Legislation - locating the hive
  • How to get the bees; Honeybees - castes, lifecycles, swarming
  • Bee hive management,;Harvesting the honey, Types of honey
  • Honeybee products - honeycomb, beer, etc.
  • Australian native bees; Bee health
  • Harvesting the wax; Beeswax uses - candles, soap, cosmetics, etc.
  • Types of beehives - Top Bar, Flowhive etc.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify various methods of beekeeping
  2. Select suitable bees, flora and beehive locations
  3. Be aware of regulations relating to beekeeping
  4. Maintain a beehive successfully and harvest honey
  5. Recognise pests and diseases affecting bees

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