Arabic Beginners 1 - Online

An introduction to the writing system, pronunciation, elementary grammar and vocabulary of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Students will learn to read and write in the Arabic script and develop basic conversational capacity. MSA is an access ticket into any of the numerous and diverse Arabic-speaking countries and provides a solid foundation for those who wish to branch off later into a regional Arabic ‘dialect’. This introductory course is structured primarily around the letters, symbols and sounds of MSA, which will be activated directly in short reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises. These exercises draw on various textual and audio-visual materials to present the vocabulary and grammatical structures most relevant to the elementary learner.


  • Online



  • Tutor supplied material



  • Introducing oneself & exchanging biographical information

  • Formal & informal greetings

  • Numbers 0-10

  • Names of countries, nationalities, languages

  • Basic objects/attributes of work, school & the home

  • Arabic alphabet, writing, sounds, pronunciation

  • Grammatical gender

  • Forming noun-adjective phrases

  • The definite article

  • Introduction to case markers for nouns & adjectives

  • Forming nominal sentences

  • Simple present tense verb conjugation



By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Learn to read, write and pronounce all consonants, vowels & symbols of the Arabic (MSA) alphabet;
  2. Learn to greet others, introduce oneself and ask others for personal information;
  3. Learn to construct simple noun-adjective phrases & nominal sentences.

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