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Over the course of three sessions students will discover how to write an engaging narrative at each of its stages, including creating captivating introductions, developing and structuring plot, and delivering a satisfying ending for the reader. This will include learning how to use the five senses to establish more immersive settings, creating characters with personality, background and depth, as well as how to incorporate the necessary twists and turns that make a story interesting, regardless of genre. Everyone has the ability to write creatively, it is just a matter of giving oneself permission to find the words.


  • Face-to-Face / Online


  • The basics of writing within a genre
  • Structuring an engaging narrative, including different ways to start, develop and finish the story
  • Using descriptive language, the five senses and unusual word pairings to create more immersive settings for the reader
  • Writing believable characters with depth, background and personality
  • How to incorporate the necessary twists and turns of an engaging narrative
  • Using speed-writing to develop a first-draft
  • Reading one’s own work and delivering both constructive and helpful feedback


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Plan, structure and write an engaging narrative
  2. Create immersive settings, characters with depth and detail, as well as surprising twists and turns
  3. Edit and proofread their own writing, as well as know how to provide themselves with constructive feedback

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