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This course is suitable for students who have completed an introductory Latin course and have already acquired an understanding of original Latin. Students will be required to analyse grammatical and syntactical structure in the set texts. The examination of the texts in class elicits and requires an enjoyable exchange of views and opinions of the material being read. In addition, to strengthen and consolidate further a students knowledge of Latin, some Latin prose composition will be given as homework. The course concentrates on the authors Virgil and Cicero, and will set the student on the path of exploring any aspect of Latin literature of his or her interest.


  • Online


  • Livy, Book 1 Edited with introduction by H.E. Gould & J.L. Whiteley, Bloomsbury Publishing (1991), ISBN: 9780862922962
  • Virgil, Aeneid Book 6 Edited with introduction by H.E. Gould & J.L. Whiteley, Bloomsbury Publishing (2003), ISBN: 9781853996535

Both texts can be found online at with vocabulary and commentary.


  • Two Latin texts, one verse, the other prose.
  • Weekly revision of syntax and grammar
  • Analysis of historical backgrounds.
  • Different interpretations of textual analysis.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Read and understand two Latin text of the appropriate level.
  2. Demonstrate the skills in the interpretion and the analysis of Latin literature.
  3. Show an appreciation of the historical context of the set texts.
  4. Acknowledge the indebtedness of other eras to Latin literature.