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Do you truly understand the choices and risk of various investments including Super? You will learn that investing is easy to understand. It is important to know the right questions and how to monitor performance. You will learn secrets to success. This course is for all investors, from a novice to financial advisors. Students are encouraged to ask questions however this course will not provide individual advice.


  • Hybrid (F2F & Online simultaneously)


  • A brief overview of all the different types of investments
  • Time horizon, risk and personal risk tolerance, how find an advisor, basics of asset allocation (core to excellent long term returns)
  • Understanding equities, how to value shares with different valuation methodologies, what information is important and what is not, cycles and sectors
  • Indexing, Exchange Traded Funds, Listed Investment Companies, Managed Funds, stock picking strategies and styles
  • Cash investments such as term deposits, how to get better rates, customer protection features, what to watch out for in other cash investments paying higher interest.
  • Real Estate as an investment, track record versus other asset classes, benefits, risks, returns, liquidity, gearing and tax
  • Domestic versus international investments, exchange rates and risks, foreign taxation aspects and death duties
  • Understanding Super Funds, how they perform, how they invest, how you can perform just as good or better as the pros, taxation benefits of Super, should you have your own SMSF?
  • Overview of Alternative Investments: Options & Futures, Private Equity, Collectables, Hedge Funds, Long/short funds or market neutral investment funds
  • Overview of what we learned and how to apply it, what is important in the news, secrets of forecasting, RBA, mechanics of investing, pitfalls to avoid, where to get good information


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Know the risks and rewards of all the major investments available to you
  2. Ask informed questions which leads to better results
  3. Understand Superannuation investment choices to enable you to enhance your long term returns
  4. Know basic valuation methodologies to determine value for when to buy and when to sell
  5. know where to obtain valuable information
  6. How to monitor performance and when to make adjustments