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Learn basic French and learn about French culture in preparation for a fabulous trip from Paris to Corsica. You will learn such things as: polite forms of address, asking directions, ordering food and beverages and how to find places of interest. We will explore common situations for tourists and discover the best places to visit from Paris to Corsica.


  • Hybrid (F2F & Online simultaneously)


  • Tutor supplied material


While exploring different parts of France, you will learn helpful vocabulary and key dialogue for navigating your way through France by :

  • Going shopping in Paris
  • Hiring a bicycle to visit the gardens of Versailles
  • Ordering a croissant in Bordeaux
  • Asking for directions for the castles of the Loire Vallée
  • Enjoying a restaurant in Alsace
  • Discovering friendly locals in Corsica
  • Ordering a crêpe in Bretagne
  • Discovering the most expensive hotel of the French Riviera
  • Going skiing in the French Alps


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Learn conversational French that will help them to travel around France.
  2. Know polite forms of address to speak to people, how to ask for directions, how to order food and beverages and where to find places of interest.
  3. Explore key destinations in France: Paris, Castles of the Loire Vallée, Alsace, La Bretagne, Corsica, French Riviera.