Using Zoom | FAQ

A mixture of Courses and Events are being delivered online using Zoom. Below are some frequently asked questions that answer how classes will be run using Zoom at WEA Sydney.

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with a microphone, speakers, an email address and an internet connection. You can test your device works with this link: - you can also troubleshoot common technical problems with our Troubleshooting Guide

Will I need to download a special app or program?

Yes, you will need the Zoom app downloaded to your device but a Zoom account is not needed for the class.

When will I get the details for the Zoom meeting?

You will be sent an email with the details to access the meeting by WEA Sydney at 7:00pm the night before the class starts. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your spam/junk mail in case it accidentally went into there. If you do not have an email from WEA Sydney with your class details at all, please contact us and we will send them out to you.

How secure is Zoom?

Zoom have taken a number of measures to improve security recently. All our classes will use Zoom generated passwords. These are very hard to crack and ensure that only those people invited can join a meeting. It is not possible for anyone but the tutor to record the session. No sessions will be recorded without students being informed. Although nothing is ever 100% secure we are confident that we have taken the measures required for you to be safe using Zoom.

Will we still be able to talk with our classmates and ask questions?

Yes. You will be able to share ideas, and ask and answer questions just as you would in the classroom. In fact the tutor can even assign group tasks for you to work on in separate classrooms and pop into the rooms to see how you are going.

My name isn't being displayed correctly, how do I change it?

You can change your name by clicking on Participants then Rename. Please ensure you have the checkbox ticked so it remembers the change for all future meetings. We ask that you ensure that the name being displayed for you in the Zoom meeting is correct so the tutor knows who you are when marking the roll or asking/answering a question.

Do I have to attend at the stated time or can I access the lecture at a time that suits me?

All classes take place in real time so you need to join the class at the stated time. You will need to join the class with the link provided by the tutor 5-10 minutes before it starts to ensure everything is working on your device. If you have to miss a session for any reason, your tutor may be willing to record it for you, but you will need to ask them in advance.

What happens if I join a class and then find I don’t like this way of learning?

We think this is unlikely as the technology is easy to use and the experience is just like a class room, but if you do find it doesn’t work for you then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss other options.

Got another question? Please contact us and we can help.