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Going Abroad for Study or Fun? Learn Japanese Quickly with Lessons and Classes at WEA Sydney

Pursuing higher education is an incredibly rewarding experience. However, many university students today are looking far and wide for opportunities to not only learn more but to gain valuable life experiences. That’s contributed to the rise of cultural and educational exchange programs and students spending semesters abroad as an official part of their curriculum. Whether you are planning to go overseas as part of your studies or only because you want to try new things, there are some preparations you ought to consider.

For example, have you thought about pursuing a short Japanese course in Sydney? While the main cities in Japan today are often very friendly to tourists, having a sense of the language can still be a major asset. Whether you want to supplement language learning you’ve already undertaken or you’re interested in a less stressful study environment, there is one superior choice.

WEA Sydney is here to help you learn Japanese in Sydney before you board your plane to head overseas. With a century of excellence in education behind us, we look forward to continue bringing accessible language teaching to everyone. What can you expect after enrolling in one of our Japanese classes?

The no-stress way to study Japanese in Sydney

To tackle the complexities of Japan’s language and writing systems, you need instruction that doesn’t waste time. That’s why professional and courteous tutors instruct all our Japanese courses in Sydney. By having such a knowledgeable resource at your disposal, it’s never an issue to receive the assistance you need to learn. Our class environments focus on positive educational development in a welcoming social atmosphere. To that end, there are no exams at the end of our Japanese lessons in Sydney.

That’s right — no need to worry about anxiety-inducing tests! Learn in an adequate space geared more towards your success rather than assigning you a grade. WEA Sydney classes are an excellent place to develop skills in lifelong learning as well. These can aid you long after you return from Japan and conclude your formal studies. Developing competencies in a foreign language with our classes could also have you saying “Konnichiwa” for years to come.

Enrol in your WEA Sydney course of choice today

Though the language can be a challenge, choosing to study Japanese in Sydney with our highly-qualified tutors will help unlock a whole new world. Being able to travel to a new country with a firm foundation of understanding the language is a huge asset. At WEA Sydney, we’re proud to be able to help you study towards this goal.

Reaching us is easy; located near the core of the CBD, public transport makes it simple to arrive here. We run flexible course times and stay open seven days a week. Convenience, value, and a lifetime of learning are pillars of the WEA Sydney experience. Find the right Japanese classes in Sydney for your schedule now, or contact us to let us know what assistance you require.