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WEA Sydney Courses: A Convenient and Fun Way to Study and Learn French in Sydney

At WEA Sydney, we think that language courses should be fun, social, accessible and practical. Too often, language classes are locked into school or university curriculums. They last for months at a time, as part of a semester-long plan, are only offered at specific times of day and emphasise rigid structure over social learning. This type of structure works for many subjects, like math and literature, but isn’t the best way to learn languages. To learn a language, you need an environment where you can communicate with other people and where you feel the freedom and passion for learning rather than the obligation.

Our French Classes in Sydney

It was with those ideas in mind that WEA Sydney put together its unique language curriculums. Today, we offer our students opportunities to study French in Sydney (along with other languages) in a convenient, social and low-pressure environment. Here are a few of the things you will get by choosing to enrol with us for your French classes in Sydney:

• Accessible Location: Forget travelling to a distant campus every day for class. All our French courses in Sydney are located right in the heart of Sydney, in a specialist building in the CBD. Our location is close to public transportation, making it even more accessible.

• Convenient Class Times: The location for your French course in Sydney isn’t the only convenient facet of enrolling with WEA Sydney. We also offer flexible class times. Where most school or university courses take place in the middle of the day, we also offer evening and weekend courses (in addition to weekday lessons). No matter your work, school or personal schedule, it’s easy to find a class time that works for you. Our classes are also short, so you don’t have to commit to a time for a whole semester’s worth of study.

• Social Atmosphere: Learning to read a foreign language is important if you plan to travel. However, you also need to learn to speak it, and the classroom environment is rarely the best place to do that. At WEA Sydney, we strive to create a friendly and social atmosphere—to promote verbal communication and hone your proficiency in speaking French as well as reading it.

• No Exams: Tests are good for proving that a school is doing its job and teaching students adequately, but they aren’t the best for ensuring long-term retention of the material. At WEA Sydney, you can learn French in Sydney without worrying about exams. We want you to learn the language for your benefit, not for a grade.

• Different Levels: WEA Sydney caters to every level of student. If you are just starting your study of French in Sydney, we have beginner’s classes that are perfect for you. If you have some experience, we have higher-level courses that will build upon the knowledge you already have. No matter what, you can expect qualified and professional tutors to lead your class towards lingual proficiency.

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