Language Courses

Learn Languages with Friendly and Low-Pressure Courses from WEA Sydney

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting thing, particularly at school level. From vocabulary words to pronunciation, verb conjugation to lingual syntax, every language presents so much to learn that mastering and retaining it all is a huge challenge. At school, the challenge is compounded by the presence of tests, exams and grades. You feel pressure to memorise parts of the language so you can pass a test and get credit, but too often, you don’t internalise the language for future use.

 At WEA Sydney, we think language classes in Sydney should take a different format. Studying and learning languages shouldn’t be about grades or tests. On the contrary, it should be about immersing yourself in a new language, mastering its ins and outs and retaining that information so that you can readily use it at a later date. Whether you are going on vacation in a foreign country and want to be able to carry on a conversation or have a friend or colleague who speaks a different language, WEA can help you learn languages in Sydney.

Short Courses, No Exams

 What sets WEA Sydney apart from other entities that offer language lessons in Sydney is that we don’t set our courses up similar to a school or university curriculum. Our courses are shorter and feature no exams. They are led by our team of qualified and friendly tutors and embrace a social atmosphere that helps promote communication and collaborative learning. There is no pressure in our courses except for the pressure you put on yourself. As a result, all the students who enrol in a language course at WEA Sydney do so because they want to a learn a language—not because they have to for a university credit.

The short and less formal nature of our language courses in Sydney also helps us be more flexible in what we offer. Learning a language for the first time? We have beginner level courses geared specifically towards students like you. Have you taken language courses before? If so, we also offer intermediate, advanced and conversation language lessons.

Scheduling for our courses is also flexible. We understand that many adults are interested in studying foreign languages in Sydney, but that they may also have busy schedules to work around. Our courses are available on evenings and weekends, as well as during the day. Whatever works best in your schedule is something we can offer.

Of course, our flexibility extends to our available languages too. WEA Sydney currently offers language lessons in Sydney for Italian, Spanish, French, German, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Latin, Portuguese and Swedish.

Learn Languages in Sydney Starting Today

 Are you interested in learning a new language in Sydney? If so, enrol with WEA Sydney today and start unlocking your foreign language potential. If you need help deciding which course is right for you, feel free to give us a call on (02) 9264-2781.