How to Enrol

How to Enrol

Unsure on what to enrol into? View our Latest Catalogue and browse the selection we have on offer, or use the search option in the top right corner to find a course.

Anyone 18 years old and above can enrol into our courses, there are no special qualifications or knowledge required for any course unless specified in the course description and there are no exams.

Please ensure you enrol into your chosen course at least 7 days prior to it starting.

Term Dates

Summer 2018 - 29th January to 6th April
Autumn 2018 - 30th April to 6th July
Winter 2018 - 23rd July to 28th September
Spring 2018 - 8th October to 14th December

Payment Details

WEA Sydney accepts all major credit cards (Amex/MasterCard/Visa), as well as cash & cheque. Cash enrolments in person can only be processed on the first floor reception.

If you are enrolling by phone, please make sure you have your credit card & concession card details ready. All phone enrolments include a non-refundable $3 phone priority enrolment fee per person.

If you intend to send in cash or cheque via the post, you can download a copy of our Enrolment Form and post it to this address:

WEA Sydney
72 Bathurst Street
Sydney NSW 2000

If you are enrolling as a business, please contact us via phone or email only – do not enrol online so we can arrange the invoice to be created for you. (e.g. if you require it for tax purposes)

Enrolment Confirmation

An enrolment confirmation, payment receipt and invoice will be sent to you via email when you enrol with a further email sent to you 48 hours prior to your class starting. Please ensure you check the website for any further details (e.g. Art Classes: a list of materials needed may be present) of your course.

By enrolling into a WEA Sydney course, students agree to abide by a series of basic rights and responsibilities. These are outlined in the WEA Sydney Student Handbook, under the heading WEA Sydney Student Code of Conduct. You can download a copy of the WEA Student Handbook via this link: WEA Sydney Student Handbook