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Discussion Group Program

Welcome to WEA Sydney’s Discussion Group Program! The DGP has been part of WEA Sydney’s wider educational program for over 20 years, providing an exciting alternative to our regular classroom courses held in Bathurst Street, in Sydney’s CBD, through the distribution of study materials to groups of students based throughout New South Wales, and in some cases beyond.

The WEA Discussion Group Program is based on the formation of small, friendly home-based groups (minimum 6 people, maximum 15) – wishing to meet regularly to discuss and learn, and enjoy the active exchange of ideas and with a wide variety of topics on from history and literature to philosophy and social sciences, and thus dovetails exactly with WEA Sydney’s over-arching Mission, the provision of opportunities for students to study widely and objectively in the arts, humanities and sciences.

Discussion Group Program 2017

How to Enrol

All DGP courses listed in the WEA Sydney Discussion Group Program Catalogue are available for enrolment – so don’t miss out! Simply check the availability of your chosen course with WEA Sydney before finalising your enrolment, as several courses get booked quickly.

New Courses for 2018

Revised Courses for 2018

Booking a course is easy – download and fill out a copy of the WEA Sydney Discussion Group Program Enrolment Form and send it to the Discussion Group Co-ordinator to enrol.

While economic problems have swirled around the world, WEA Sydney has weathered the storm, and has decided to reward its loyal students by maintaining individual course fees at their current level for 2018:

  • 4 meetings - $58 per student
  • 5 meetings - $68 per student
  • 6 meetings - $78 per student