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When A Philosopher Looks In A Mirror

This is an attempt to approach philosophy through a discussion of its most characteristic self-images. In contemporary philosophy the close association of philosophy with academic scholarship, with scientific research, and with technical expertise seems to reinforce the view that it is the exclusive preserve of the specialist. Reflection on these... [More]

Powerful Words! Popular Poems!

Collecting words into a line of verse can be a spoken delight. Voicing our own thoughts can be rewarding, so can the voicing of the words of others. This course will let us voice the words of selected Australian, British and American poets of the last 150 years. Poets such as Les Murray, David Malouf, Rosemary Dobson, W H Auden, W B Yeats, Emily... [More]

The Poetry of Sydney

This is a course based on the text Sydney’s Poems, an anthology collected for the 150th anniversary of Sydney. It contains contributions from poets from colonial days to the present time. Poets such as Henry Lawson, Dorothea McKellar, Kenneth Slessor, Patrick White, David Malouf and John Tranter are included. The course will look at the role that ‘... [More]

Was There a Trojan War?

A course which recreates the Bronze Age, reading our legacy of archaeology, mythology and history to bring to life Helen of Troy, Ulysses, the Minotaur and the material world of Minoan and Mycenaean civilisation. Independent Study Discussion Courses are for study by groups without a tutor, so there is no need to write reports. These courses were... [More]