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A Different Slant: Literature in Translation

The art of translation is as old as language itself and today it can introduce readers to literature which is very often quite different in its content, style and its effect on the reader. In this course there are introductions to easily accessible novels in Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German and to poetry from European and Asian... [More]

Reading Novels - The Joys Of Double-dipping

Of the thousands of novels published every year very few, if any, will go on tobecome classics, not many will reach great critical acclaim, buy some few will demand to be read and then re-read. In this course we will look at some of those which make this demand on us and try to find out just why it is that we aredrawn to read them again and again.... [More]

Down Memory Lane: Famous Poems We Knew and Loved

We all have snippets of poetry in our minds, whether its “Tyger, tyger burning bright ..”, or ”shall I compare thee to a summer’s day ..”, , but not all of us know the whole poems from which famous lines come, who write them, or what their proper context is. This entertaining course presents a multitude of excerpts from famous, well-loved poems and... [More]

Political Forum: Five Women in Focus

The focus of this course will be on five women whose profile on the world scene has had great worth and influence within their nation’s political forum. The lives of the following will be studied - Benazir Bhutto: A tenacious surviving remnant of a Pakistani political dynasty; Aung San Suu Kyi:, Nobel prize winner, democratically elected (still... [More]

Vietnam: Past, Present and Future

This course will look at the past, present and potential future of Vietnam. It will provide some new and up-to-date insights into this rapidly growing and changing country. We will discuss the historical and political background of the country, and the social and economic changes that have been occurring. We will try to discover how the Vietnamese... [More]

Men Of Parts: Literature's Greatest Writers

While many writers are gifted in a single genre, few are able to excel in a number of styles. This course will look at five such men: William Shakespeare, dramatist and poet; John Donne, poet and divine; Oscar Wilde, dramatist, poet, story writer and novelist; T.S Eliot, poet and dramatist; and Seamus Heaney, poet prose writer and translator. It... [More]

"Man’s Inhumanity to Man" - A Study of the Poetry of War

Some of the world’s earliest writings are in the form of poetry and many of them concern war or “man’s inhumanity to man”. This course will look at poems written before 1914; poems about World War 1 and Spain; World War II and subsequent wars. Historical background will be included. Poets from the best of their day to absolute unknowns will be read... [More]

When A Philosopher Looks In A Mirror

This is an attempt to approach philosophy through a discussion of its most characteristic self-images. In contemporary philosophy the close association of philosophy with academic scholarship, with scientific research, and with technical expertise seems to reinforce the view that it is the exclusive preserve of the specialist. Reflection on these... [More]

Powerful Words! Popular Poems!

Collecting words into a line of verse can be a spoken delight. Voicing our own thoughts can be rewarding, so can the voicing of the words of others. This course will let us voice the words of selected Australian, British and American poets of the last 150 years. Poets such as Les Murray, David Malouf, Rosemary Dobson, W H Auden, W B Yeats, Emily... [More]

The Poetry of Sydney

This is a course based on the text Sydney’s Poems, an anthology collected for the 150th anniversary of Sydney. It contains contributions from poets from colonial days to the present time. Poets such as Henry Lawson, Dorothea McKellar, Kenneth Slessor, Patrick White, David Malouf and John Tranter are included. The course will look at the role that ‘... [More]