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Modern History

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Rebellious Females

This course will study the biographies of six ‘rebellious females’ who all rebelled in their own way. The lives of these extraordinary women will be explored from both the historical and sociological perspective, providing some interesting insights into the nature of the societies in which they all lived, ranging from the 18th to the mid-20th... [More]

Forbidden Places

This course will examine six ‘forbidden places’. These are countries or locations which were closed to outsiders for different reasons and by different means. We will examine how and why visitors were prohibited, what the powers who enforced exclusion hoped to achieve, what this meant for these places and the people who lived there, the long term... [More]

Women of the Raj

India in the late 19th century was considered the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire. Lured by the romance of India, all kinds of women went to India. Some were in search of a husband; some in search of adventure and others were on a mission for God. Recent history portrays white women as cultural imperialists. Were they? Or were they agents... [More]