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Medieval History

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Portraits of France: Pascal, Molière, Madame de Pompadour, Manet and Debussy

This course explores the glories of creativity in France from 17th century and the Napoleonic era through to the birth of modern art, using a mixture of written commentary, original texts, and audio and visual material. The characters studied include: Blaise Pascal – mathematician, scientist and philosopher; Moliere – France’s greatest comic... [More]

Richard III: His Life and Times

Richard III is one of the most enigmatic figures in English history. Was Shakespeare’s hunchback the real man and, if not, why was it so important to present him as evil? This course raises questions about truth, propaganda and tyranny in our own era and examines Richard in the context of the extraordinary times in which he lived, a period of... [More]

A Short History of Russia

Is Vladimir Putin the saviour of the motherland or an evil monster bent on conquering the world? Is Russia a threat to its neighbours or are they a threat to Russia? What influence does Russia have on the world and how will that play out in the future? To consider these questions, we need to understand how the major events of Russian history remain... [More]

Private Lives: Six Medieval People

The lives of six extraordinary people from the Medieval period are studied in this course, looking at their fascinating life-stories, and the times and societies in which they lived. People studied are: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry II’s tough and controversial queen; Abbot Sugar of Saint-Denis, founder of the gothic style of architecture; Peter... [More]

The Vikings

History shows the Vikings were just as splendid as we imagine – valiant, adventurous and scholarly seafarers. This course presents an attractive and clear picture of this great era of a people who figure larger than life in our imaginations. Course Tutor Carole Cusack Supplied Course Material Course Booklet Units & Pricing 6 units / $78 per person... [More]