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Determined Heroines

This course will examine a variety of ‘determined heroines’ within English language novels. The five novels examine the pressures these heroines face, look at their desire for independence and at their goals, and enable discussion to occur on whether or not their determination/stubborness can be seen as a strength or a weakness in terms of their personal happiness. Course Tutor Susannah Fullerton Supplied Course Material Charlotte Bronte, Villette Elizabeth Gaskell, North & South... [More]

A Different Slant: Literature in Translation

The art of translation is as old as language itself and today it can introduce readers to literature which is very often quite different in its content, style and its effect on the reader. In this course there are introductions to easily accessible novels in Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German and to poetry from European and Asian writers both ancient and modern. All of this is really introductory and you will have to become the real reader and the judge of how... [More]

Reading Novels - The Joys Of Double-dipping

Of the thousands of novels published every year very few, if any, will go on tobecome classics, not many will reach great critical acclaim, buy some few will demand to be read and then re-read. In this course we will look at some of those which make this demand on us and try to find out just why it is that we aredrawn to read them again and again. We examine plot, characters, setting, dif ferent eras, and naturally the quality of the writing through a review of selected passages.... [More]

Eating Their Words: The Literature Of Food

When we talk about food, we don’t just talk about supplying our bodies with food. Instead, we end up talking about some of our deepest emotions, closest relationships and greatest pleasures-and dislikes. This discussion group uses the literature of food to explore different “flavours” of food writing, and then we’ll talk about these contrasting ways of thinking about writing, food, eating and our own experiences. Readings will be supplied. 6 units $78 Course Tutor Jeanette Delamoir... [More]

Partners in Pre-Eminence

This course will look at couples who made their mark in their time focusing particularly on what they achieved in their years together. The couples whose lives we will cover are: Robert Schumann, German composer, and his wife Clara, pianist; Marie Curie, Polish radio-activity researcher, and her husband Pierre, French physicist; Sidney Webb (Baron Passfield), British economist and socialist, and his wife Beatrice, his collaborator; George Johnston, Australian novelist and... [More]

Frustrated Heroines

The social and sexual frustration of women has been the subject of many excellent English language novels. Various women such as the Bronte sisters, George Eliot, and most recently Jung Chang, have translated these experiences into great works of literature. In this course we focus on the heroines of their works, women from different social backgrounds and periods of history, all coping in various ways with the limitations society has placed on them. Course Tutor Susannah Fullerton... [More]

Phoenix Rising: Novels for the Future

These five novels show changes in this genre and how the writers of the novel are challenged by the idea of keeping the novel new and making it relevant to the modern reader. The accepted ideas about the novel and the relationship between the writer, the book and the reader will be discussed. The following five novels have been selected for study. Course Tutor Allison Halliday Supplied Course Material Robert Dessaix, The Night Letters Seamus Deane, Reading in the Dark Julian... [More]

Men Of Parts: Literature's Greatest Writers

While many writers are gifted in a single genre, few are able to excel in a number of styles. This course will look at five such men: William Shakespeare, dramatist and poet; John Donne, poet and divine; Oscar Wilde, dramatist, poet, story writer and novelist; T.S Eliot, poet and dramatist; and Seamus Heaney, poet prose writer and translator. It will give readers a chance to become familiar with the works of these men and thus engender a desire to delve deeper. Course Tutor Judy... [More]

Regency Novels: The Real and the Imitation

Jane Austen’s 6 novels were all published during the period known as the Regency, when George Prince of Wales (later King George IV) ruled Britain in the place of his father, King George III. The Regency lasted only from 1811 to 1820, but was an era of social change, unrest, elegance and artistry. 200 years later, we still love to read Regency novels. It was Georgette Heyer who created the Regency genre of historical fiction and her witty, romantic comedies have never been out of... [More]

This Working Life

Work is essential to our survival, it defines our place in the world and it is intrinsic to our well-being. Each of these texts examines a type of work, what it may mean to the workers and those connected to them and reflects on the work of writing itself. The course consists of a mixture of poetry, novels, music, and films (on CD), with tutor commentary. Course Tutor Allison Halliday Supplied Course Material Colum McCann, This Side of Brightness John Mortimer, Rumpole and the... [More]