Enrich Your Voice

This is the 3rd level in the series of Love & Develop Your Voice courses. Enrich Your Voice will explore the singing voice in more depth including how to sustain notes, breathing techniques, more theory integration, harmony, pitch control, extension in vocal range and a specific focus on how to keep in rhythm.

This course is third in a series of five singing courses:

  1. Love Your Voice! An Introduction To Singing
  2. Develop Your Voice
  3. Enrich Your Voice
  4. Challenge Your Voice
  5. Celebrate Your Voice

Each successive course requires either prior enrolment in the previous course or relative experience.


  • ‘Singing in’ more solid essential warm ups and drills for vocal health.
  • To sharpen listening and vocal imitation skills needed for part singing.
  • To make vocal range distinctions and stabilise the breath to support it.
  • To consolidate and sing in simple, compound and complex time signatures.
  • Reading more challenging rhythms coordinating conducting and singing.
  • Learning new and harmonious repertoire.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Empower themselves with vocal tools and techniques to continue with.
  2. Experiment with their vocal range for technically harder repertoire.
  3. Discover their own rhythmic abilities with confidence.
  4. Approach written music with no fear or trepidation and apply it to song.
  5. Keep to their own singing part in harmony pieces without distraction.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.